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Making a change in the world via collaborative effort.

We'd like to present ourselves as one of the country's premier K-12 and higher education advisory and Outsourcing marketing partnerships. True to its name, Educative Minds was established by a group of professionals with extensive backgrounds working in residential education and university administration in India. The parent community has benefited from the admissions counselor's over 15 years of experience in getting their children into top-tier local boarding schools and universities. By getting to know each family on a deep level and learning their priorities in terms of location, curriculum, and finances, we are able to provide them with individualized services that help them achieve their goals for their children's holistic and all-around development.

Our Objective

Each leader faces "moments of truth," or critical junctures where they must think clearly and move swiftly to capture an opportunity or protect a valuable resource. Their capacity to maximize potential and enhance progress, however, might be jeopardized by blind spots and organizational inertia. We're here to help you gain momentum by revealing the story behind the chaos, pushing the limits of possibility, and igniting the kind of self-assurance that leads to firm decisions. Because of this, we provide strategy advising as a focused intervention to capitalize on opportunities, shift course, and seize advantages at pivotal junctures.

Our primary goal is to advise parents on where to enroll their children so that they may receive a top-notch education from boarding schools. We provide comprehensive services, from guidance through enrollment, all at one convenient location. Our staff ensures that all of our advisers have achieved industry criteria before they begin counselling since they all adhere to a strong code of ethics and beliefs. We consider a happy customer to be the ultimate measure of our performance. We provide a whole range of services, beginning with advising and counseling a student on whether or not to pursue further education, all the way through helping him or her get admission to the institution of higher learning of his or her choice. The fact that we treat each student as a person with their own set of abilities, weaknesses, needs, and aspirations sets us apart from other service providers.

We at Educative Minds are dedicated facilitators who serve as links between goals and accomplishments. Professional psychometric testing, as well as practice for entrance exams and interviews, are often done together. In addition, we help families whose children have unique needs such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, and learning difficulties select a suitable companion for their children.

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